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A leading specialist consultant in construction and drainage

Agronomist, Expert Witness and Project Manager

Gordon Jaaback is an international Sports Turf Consultant, based in the UK, who has worked in a wide range of climates and soil conditions.  After managing a construction company for many years he commenced his consultancy practice concentrating in the areas of reclamation, sports turf construction, drainage and management.  He offers the following professional services:

Detailed study into…


“Gordon has assisted our practice now on a number of projects in which the construction of new playing fields, or the improvement of existing playing fields, has been required. His work has always been to the highest standard and, despite the vagaries of the weather and the planning system, Gordon has always delivered a quality product on time and to budget.”
Richard Parsons – Vincent and Gorbing Limited, Architects and Town Planners’

“Gordon is an expert in the knowledge and understanding of sports pitch construction…”
David Carmichael – Lyster Grillet & Harding

“He has led the project with enthusiasm and the utmost care and attention.”
Daniel Levy – London Maccabi Recreational Trust

“His management of the project has been extremely professional, and his expertise has been crucial…”
Graham Allen – Playing Fields Manager, Lewisham Education Department

“His expertise in understanding water, both in its application and drainage, is second to noneand his advice is always based on logic and fact and not assumption.”
Peter Negus – Course Manager, Willingdon Golf Club

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