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Sports Turf Consultant spring activities

Issues a Sports Turf Consultant should consider at this time

Here comes spring… At the onset of spring before active growth begins: Too early for most cultural treatments and nutrition with major elements, regular applications of seaweed with available humic acid and liquid iron return vigour and colour to tired-looking greens. Surface water is always a concern to the sports turf consultant.  From where is […]

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GJ Drainage

The sad deterioration of a sports pitch drainage system

Monitoring an installation from the start is vital It was very sad to inspect a sports pitch complex that was installed with slit drains four years ago only to find that the whole site is a soggy mess.  Instead of a firm surface able to shed surface water the soft sponge consistency has simply become […]

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Effective sports pitch drainage

A testing time for pitch drainage systems The continuous wet weather has really tested pitch drainage systems.  Heavy clay pitches can remove surface water adequately provided slit drains remain sandy at the surface and do not get capped over with the clay topsoil – and lateral drains below are able to discharge the drainage flow […]

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Restrict water run-off on to your sports pitch

Prevention of water-logged pitches After the recent persistent rains it should be apparent if water run-off from higher ground is entering the pitch.  Wherever possible run-off water should be diverted away to a safe location.  This could be an adjacent wood, a wetland , stream or natural water course.  Much will depend on the magnitude […]

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Learn from the first rain

Recent heavy rain should highlight wet areas and especially places that collect surface water from surrounding ground. Now, before the rainy season sets in it is prudent to check where surface water can be checked and diverted if possible.  Making sure that pitches only have to cope with the rainfall they receive solves more than […]

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Tearing of grass turf on grassed sports pitches

In recent weeks it has been evident that the grass turf has lifted significantly on grass pitches following heavy use – especially on rugby pitches after scrumming.  With the increased use of sand based pitches to meet drainage requirements there is a vital need to create deep-rooted ryegrass cover during the summer months before the […]

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