Golf course consultant

003Golfers have an expectation that they will play their round of golf on a playing surface that makes the experience enjoyable. Safety is a main consideration in the layout of the course and adequate drainage is also vitally important.  Greens, tees and fairways deteriorate rapidly during the winter if minimum standards have not been followed during construction.

Having been a contractor in golf course construction – now as a golf course consultant my concerns in advising hinge on a thorough assessment of the limitations in construction and the layout.  The selection of materials and the methods too can determine the significance of latent defects and I am well aware of pitfalls that arise out irregularities in construction and unsatisfactory design.

Please contact me for any assistance in existing management or on-going project management in new construction or renovation


“I have known Gordon Jaaback since 1996 in my capacity as Course Manager at Willingdon Golf Club.  Gordon is an extremely articulate man with a professional knowledge of his subject that could only have been achieved over many years.  His expertise in understanding water, both in its application and drainage, is second to none and his advice is always based on logic and fact and not assumption.  Gordon has the ability to make his point understood by people of all levels and ages and his reports are always of the highest standard and extremely professional in their presentation.”

“Gordon Jaaback has been involved at Dale Hill for over 10 years. His advice and widespread knowledge and experience is and has been invaluable right from construction and grow-in of our new Ian Woosnam designed course and on the routine maintenance and project advisory basis.”


  • Dale Hill Hotel and Golf Ltd
  • West Kent Golf Club, Biggin Hill, Orpington
  • Piltdown Golf Club, Sussex
  • Willingdon Golf Club, Willingdon, West Sussex
  • West Essex Golf Golf Club, Sewardstonebury, Essex
  • Vale da Pinta Golf Club, Cavoeiro, Portugal
  • Parque da Floresta, Portugal
  • Leeds Castle Golf Club, Kent

GolfDale Hill Hotel and Golf Ltd

The Ian Woosnam course was designed by European Golf Design. I joined the design team and advised through from commencement of the construction in 1996.  Over-seeing through the growing-in period and on through the years to date I have offered on-going guidance in drainage improvement, maintenance budgeting, monitoring and forward planning.

There is an additional course in which I have initiated major improvement in green and tee re-design, surface water management and overall improvement in grass cover.


GolfWest Kent Golf Club, Biggin Hill, Orpington

Consultation was carried out over a number of years.  Advice was given in maintenance management and improvement in drainage in many holes in the golf course.

I designed and managed the construction and alteration of a number of greens and tees and initiated forward planning programmes – advising too in budgeting and control of new developments.

Piltdown Golf Club, Sussex

I joined the European Golf Design team in an extensive assessment of the golf course and the preparing of forward plans for improvement.  I continued to advise in maintenance management and undertook an intensive study of greens with a view to future re-construction and attention to drainage problems.

Golf Golf

Willingdon Golf Club, Willingdon, West Sussex

I offered intermittent consultation on drainage problems within greens and advised on irrigation programming – with the specific aim of improving the vigour of growth on the greens by controlling the quantity of water applied.  Together with the golf course manager Peter Negus, we implemented methods of planning, monitoring and recording all maintenance operations with a view to presenting concise and informative accounts to senior management.


West Essex Golf Golf Club, Sewardstonebury, Essex

Consultation was undertaken with the objective of improving the playing surface on greens and especially the development of increased root growth.  Detailed study was made on the level of nutrition with particular emphasis on seaweed and humic acid supplements.  In addition to maintaining a balanced nutrition, levels of nitrogen were strictly monitored.

Golf Golf

Vale da Pinta Golf Club, Cavoeiro, Portugal

This golf course developed in the Algave was planted with selected Bermuda grass hybrids. Restricted to establishment by the propagation with sprigs of vegetative material, planting was slow without the use of proven planting equipment.  The control of irrigation under conditions of extreme evaporation presented a major challenge – especially with a labour force not experienced in this labour-intensive exercise of planting.

Golf Golf

Parque da Floresta, Portugal

This course in undulating terrain warranted special attention in irrigation and drainage improvement.  Furthermore, there was significant subsidence in one of the greens established on a steep slope.  The green had to be completely re-constructed with particular emphasis on surface drainage and the stabilisation in a difficult location.  Consultation was also given in maintenance management with the objective of arriving in a balanced programme of nutrition.


Leeds Castle Golf Club, Kent

The extremely wet location of one of the greens necessitated complete reconstruction.  An extensive swale reticulation was designed with a significantly elevated green.  The construction was undertaken by the club under project management with the use of hired equipment.  With a major diversion of the water course there was considerable earthworks involved and the potential for future flooding removed completely.