Cricket Pitch ConsultantCricket pitch consultant

The construction of the turf wicket requires the installation of the appropriate profile to ensure control of underground water and the correct performance of the playing surface. The maintenance and preparation of wickets for play demands special planning and care. Ensuring an acceptable ‘ball bounce’ between the stumps is vital and depends entirely on the upper profile of the clay loam surface and the attention given prior to the game.

As a cricket pitch consultant I am concerned also with the entire playing area – the infield around the wicket can collect water run-off from the wicket and must be properly drained.  The outfield needs to be free of undulations that pose a danger to players bending low to field balls  running over the surface.



The cricket ground in Beddington, Croydon for the London Community Cricket Association.


Construction of the cricket square at the Gateway Community College in Tilbury, Essex.