Sports Turf Consultant

Sports Turf Consultant

Consulting on your sports turf

Why go to a Sports Pitch Consultant or Sports Turf Consultant?  Sports pitch contractors have a wealth of experience and there are no obvious extra fees.

BUT there are a number of factors worth considering…

  1. A contractor must make a profit to survive – opting for design and methods he is familiar with though they may not be the best for you.
  2. In a dispute with an uninformed client – the contractor has the arguing power by falling back on his experience and you may need help.
  3. The client depends on the integrity of the foreman on site – so much depends on his knowledge and experience which may not be enough.
  4. There are always extra costs in a contract of some value – here the contractor is sure of making a profit but you need to ensure best value.
  5. Attention to detail ensures success – bulk items of work bring greater financial return than finishing ones and you may need expert finishing touch.
  6. A consultant acts as a mediator – he judges progress in the work in an unbiased manner.
  7. A consultant ensures securing the best price for the specified work – by going to tender on specified work competition is ensured.
  8. A reputable consultant has professional qualifications – his experience and reputation should give peace of mind.

A qualified sports pitch consultant is able to provide a number of services in which a client can benefit

  • acting as an expert witness at times of contractual dispute between client and contractor
  • assessing conditions on a new site and preparing a feasibility study for development
  • preparing a specified design and over-seeing the contract through to completion
  • solving problems occurring on site – generally involving drainage
  • advising in cost-effective maintenance planning and budgeting

As a consultant my prime aim is to give peace of mind to the client and contractor assuring them both that I have the professional expertise and will judge fairly in the over-seeing of contract work on site through to proper completion and establishment.


“Gordon Jaaback was commissioned by the Heathfield and Waldron Rugby Football Club and the Heathfield and Waldron Parish Council to carry out the design and project management of the Clubs new rugby pitch at Heathfield. Despite considerable drainage problems, working with Wealden clay and a very tight budget Mr Jaaback turned one of the worst pitches in Sussex into arguably the best and on which, County matches can now be played. The pitch is simply magnificent and has been instrumental in promoting the club at all levels. The pitch was delivered on time and to budget.”

“Gordon has assisted our practice now on a number of projects in which the construction of new playing fields, or the improvement of existing playing fields, has been required. His work has always been to the highest standard and, despite the vagaries of the weather and the planning system, Gordon has always delivered a quality product on time and to budget.”

“We have worked with Gordon on a number of projects including the £32 million Gateway Acadamy Thurrock and the £28 million St Mary’s CE School, Cheshunt.”

“These projects involved significant sports pitch formation and modelling together with associated land drainage. Gordon is expert in his knowledge and understanding of sports pitch construction and we would not hesitate in recommending his specialist services.”