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Maintenance Maccabi Recreational TrustFootball pitch maintenance

Consultation is given on the maintenance of six grassed football pitches and a full size synthetic grass pitch.  Regular inspections are held in the presence of the maintenance contractor.  Budgets are prepared and work Is over-seen.  Intensive remedial work is carried out annually on three of the grassed pitches.  This work includes scarifying, deep aerating, over-seeding and sand spreading.

Routine fertilisation is carried out on all six pitches with special attention to weed and earthworm  control. Secondary drainage is installed on two of the pitches and a reticulation of swales and ditches discharge drainage water to a distant outfall.

On the synthetic grass pitch a deep clean treatment is completed twice a year and rubber crumb is topped up as required.  In addition there is attention to moss, weed encroachment around the fence line and patch repairs when needed.  This pitch is brushed twice a week with a double pass as it supports a high level of use.
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