Sports Pitch Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Maintaining the playable sports pitch

It is impressive to see the quality of premier pitches today – expectations are so much higher than 20 years ago and technology is continually raising the standard.  But it all comes at a price – so much so that financial planning is vital – essential at lower levels.

In fact the annual remedial treatments needed on a standard local football club pitch including scarifying, over-seeding, de-compaction and sand dressing can amount to in the region of £7,000. Allowing for 2-3 fertilisations, weed and earthworm control and regular brushing and spiking can bring this annual total to in excess of £10,000.  On top of this is the litter picking, divoting and weekly painting of lines – as well as attention to hedges and trees, access roads and parking facilities.

The steady improvement in the standard of grass pitch presentation has arisen following ever increasing expectations.

Forward planning of essential maintenance remains the main consideration but there are major factors to consider:

  1. The budget available and control of expenditure
  2. The regular monitoring of the condition of the sports pitch
  3. Recording daily weather conditions
  4. Judicious water management – if irrigation is installed
  5. Planning vital treatments in good time
  6. Strict control of equipment utilised and application of treatments
  7. Chronological recording of treatments applied together with pertinent soil and weather conditions
  8. Timely attention to end of season renovation

Case studies


“Gordon has always given us expert advice and guidance ensuring that our grass pitches are of the best quality. He led our project to build two new grass pitches and an irrigation system with enthusiasm and the utmost care and attention. The quality of the pitches, drainage and irrigation system has proved to be of an exceptionally high quality.”

“Gordon Jaaback’s help in analysis, design, selection of contractors and inspection of the site works was invaluable in the design and construction of Goudhurst football pitch. He brought a depth of experience to the project that I believe would have been hard to match.”

“Gordon was employed to provide specialist pitch and drainage advice for the construction of a new grass football pitch in a challenging site. His knowledge and expertise has enabled the scheme to be successfully complete to a high standard and his on-going involvement has meant the maintenance regimes are being properly followed.”