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Feasibility and design

Westerham Town Council

Feasibility study

Sport England required a study of the site in order to secure the most cost-effective solution in establishing extra pitches at King George’s Field. With limited funds available the aim was to restrict the earthworks to a minimum. The study was undertaken in accordance with the requirements set by Sport England and the Football Foundation arriving at a layout and a realistic cost evaluation. Following a comprehensive topographical survey, trial pits were excavated in order to assess the profile – in particular the depth and variation in the topsoil, the nature of the subsoil and the presence of a water table. The entire profile was found to be essentially a medium-fine loamy sand and it was concluded that pipe and slit drains were not necessary provided that a good cross gradient was attained. More details…

King George’s Field incorporates five pitches for different age groups. The Council wanted to create a further 9×9 pitch with possibly two 5×5 pitches on an irregular undeveloped part of the plateau. The entire development is located on a sandy ridge that extends from Sevenoaks to Reigate. Hence the pitches are very sandy and are known to drain well. There are no drainage provisions in the existing pitches. The only fear was the extreme porosity particularly in the topsoil with the need to establish grass growth in the late summer.

Documentation and overseeing

On completion of the topographical survey a model was created to produce the layout establishing final gradients and levels while balancing cut and fill material. With the excavation to create cut slopes, drainage at the toe of the slope was the only concern. Shallow swales of depth 200mm with side slopes of 1:8 were designed to channel surplus water away from the pitch to lower ground that lead to the stream running down the south of the development.

The design incorporating two plateaus involved relatively shallow cut to fill earthworks with the maximum depth of cut being 2m. Following the preparation of detailed tender documents Speedcut Contractors were awarded the contract and the work was undertaken in the late summer of 2013. The Council were very happy with the completion of the work.

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