Rusthall Football Club, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells

New football pitch

This well-established club started out on farm land and has been content with an undulating surface and excessive gradient between the goals. In order to conform to league requirements re-grading and the installation of a complete drainage system has become necessary – in addition to the need to erect boundary railings and adequate facilities for spectators.

In May 2017 after preparation of a feasibility study the entire pitch area was re-graded following cut to fill earthworks. Primary drainage was installed and the pitch was seeded. Establishment was attained during the recent heat wave with the use of a travelling sprinkler irrigation system. Within 17 weeks of commencing construction the pitch and surrounds were fit for the first match of the season. In the spring of 2018 the pitch will be installed with secondary slit drains and should be able to withstand the seasonal rains without the need to cancel any matches.