Radclyffe School, Northampton

Radyclyffe School NottinghamPitch suffers from poor construction

Two new pitches were constructed at the school – however on completion the pitches became un-playable on account of the persistent water-logging.  A detailed investigation was carried out.

To summarise:

  • there was insufficient cross-fall gradient in the pitches to promote run-off
  • the soil in the turf layer had restricted water flow into the root zone
  • the choice and depth of the root zone material was not acceptable in the circumstances
  • the sub soil base appeared highly compacted
  • the lateral drains and sand grooves were in-effective
  • there remained the question whether the root zone material and turf were imported and laid in wet soil conditions.

There were no detailed specifications and there is no evidence that a professional consultant was employed.  The matters contributing to the failure are basic and could have easily been avoided if a professional consultant had been attending to the site during construction.  An expert witness statement was prepared and the case went to court.

Radyclyffe School Nottingham Radyclyffe School Nottingham