Steep Slopes

Controlling erosion on steep slopes

With the construction of motorways and railroads, the establishment of vegetation on steep slopes becomes a vital requirement in the completion of the infrastructure development. Controlling erosion and accelerating the development of vegetation becomes a vital challenge to the engineer.

Road and railway embankments, South Africa

Over a period of 20 years extensive contracts were undertaken to stabilise and establish vegetation on steep slopes and control erosion.

Road and railway embankments

Tunbridge Wells in Kent

The installation of re-enforced crib structures on steep slopes in Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

Gauteng, South Africa

The hydroseeding of topsoiled railway embankments in eastern Gauteng South Africa.

Parque da Floresta, Portugal

The project incorporated the design of repair work to major earth subsidence on the golf course. The responsibility included the preparation of documents and monitoring.