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Dealing with historical drainage disturbance in a Sports Pitch development

Football complex south of Salisbury Planning was approved for the creation of a football complex south of Salisbury in relatively low lying ground. In the distant past the site was extensively drained with the installation of close spaced clay tile drains. However, during the second world war  a ‘tank track’ was excavated in an effort […]

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GJ Drainage

The sad deterioration of a sports pitch drainage system

Monitoring an installation from the start is vital It was very sad to inspect a sports pitch complex that was installed with slit drains four years ago only to find that the whole site is a soggy mess.  Instead of a firm surface able to shed surface water the soft sponge consistency has simply become […]

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Dealing with flooded sports pitches

Maintenance for severely flooded pitches With the abnormal rain over recent weeks there are a number of facilities that have been severely flooded.  As the flood abates the main concern is the accumulation of silt.  Any attempt to remove it when it is still wet and the ground is soft could lead to greater problems. Once […]

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Don’t fight the weather on sports pitches

The weather and sports pitches After a mild autumn we have still to feel the temperature falling.  The steady dampness with negligible evaporation following rainfall – however little – provides an unstable surface in areas where grass cover is lost.  Make sure there is adequate nitrogen and vigorous grass growth before soil temperatures drop – especially […]

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Restrict water run-off on to your sports pitch

Prevention of water-logged pitches After the recent persistent rains it should be apparent if water run-off from higher ground is entering the pitch.  Wherever possible run-off water should be diverted away to a safe location.  This could be an adjacent wood, a wetland , stream or natural water course.  Much will depend on the magnitude […]

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