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Sports Turf Consultant Diary

November Sports Turf Consultant Diary

Activities in November Here’s a round up of what we’ve been up to in November. Inspected during establishment in football club construction contractInspected renovation after drought at Kent golf clubMonitored pitch maintenance at senior football club in north LondonPrepared proposal for renovation of football club training groundsPrepared working drawings for re-construction of Recreation ClubPrepared proposal […]

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Sports Turf Consultant spring activities

Issues a Sports Turf Consultant should consider at this time

Here comes spring… At the onset of spring before active growth begins: Too early for most cultural treatments and nutrition with major elements, regular applications of seaweed with available humic acid and liquid iron return vigour and colour to tired-looking greens. Surface water is always a concern to the sports turf consultant.  From where is […]

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Football Pitch Consultant

Dealing with historical drainage disturbance in a Sports Pitch development

Football complex south of Salisbury Planning was approved for the creation of a football complex south of Salisbury in relatively low lying ground. In the distant past the site was extensively drained with the installation of close spaced clay tile drains. However, during the second world war  a ‘tank track’ was excavated in an effort […]

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Lawn Tennis Court Consultant

Lawn grass tennis court establishes well after dry autumn

Tennis Court establishment The court was cut into a south facing slope. Surrounding surface drainage was achieved by incorporating shallow mowable swales with underground drainage directed to adjacent woodland. The topsoil is a clay loam not markedly different in particle size distribution to the desired tennis court loam.  Being essentially for private use, surface drainage was […]

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Water-logged Academy playing area re-graded to form a camber

An Academy playing area had been established on level ground and was consistently water-logged.  There was no drainage outfall and with potential for excess water run-off it was required that storm water is attenuated on site. The playing area was re-graded to form a camber running over the length of the sports pitch.  Shallow swales were created […]

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Everest Academy

Spring fertilisation of sports pitches

When to fertilise If scarification of annual meadow grass and over-seeding is planned it is better to delay fertilisation until the new ryegrass stand is about 30mm.  Applying nutrition earlier to the meadow grass makes it difficult to attain a strong ryegrass sward. Then there is the matter of selecting a controlled release or readably soluble […]

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