Drainage of a football pitch with nowhere for the water to go

Improving football pitch drainage in urban areas

With the need for improved surface drainage in urban areas the absence of suitable drainage outfall is often the problem.  The drainage water flow is far too much for a standard soakaway.  The creation of an attenuation pond is generally not possible with limited space.  A development  incorporating swales and trench attenuation can serve as a practical solution with virtually no loss of space.  In a recent investigation the assessment was undertaken following calculations in three areas.

  • the greatest volume of precipitation possible in a 10 year return period over 120 minutes
  • the balancing of this quantity with swale and trench capacity using aggregates or plastic attenuation crates
  • adequate soakage tests to ensure infiltration into surrounding soil to enable water storage to half empty in reasonable time

In this way a full slit drainage system can remove surplus surface water before it collects and softens the surface enough to make playing conditions unacceptable.

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