Issues a Sports Turf Consultant should consider at this time

Here comes spring…

At the onset of spring before active growth begins:

  1. Too early for most cultural treatments and nutrition with major elements, regular applications of seaweed with available humic acid and liquid iron return vigour and colour to tired-looking greens.
  2. Surface water is always a concern to the sports turf consultant.  From where is the water originating and where does it end up – what can be done to divert or prevent collection.  At this stage planning remedial works is invaluable.
  3. Drainage performance must be judged – where there is demand for improvement and the budget permits specialist consultant expertise is warranted and there must be allowance of time for recuperation after required installation is completed.
  4. Spring renovation plans should be well underway and the Sports Turf Consultant should be well aware of the time needed before re-commencement of play on the pitches and golf course.
  5. Control of use and a planned maintenance programme are vital in the early days after renovation.

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