Water-logged Academy playing area re-graded to form a camber

An Academy playing area had been established on level ground and was consistently water-logged.  There was no drainage outfall and with potential for excess water run-off it was required that storm water is attenuated on site.

The playing area was re-graded to form a camber running over the length of the sports pitch.  Shallow swales were created outside the touch lines and a pipe drainage system installed in the invert of the swales will discharge surplus storm water into buried plastic storage cells located over the length of the pitch on both sides.  Soakage tests were carried out initially to confirm minimum infiltration rates needed.  Close-spaced lateral drains would further aid in removal of surplus water to the swale drains.

The shallow cambered pitch will discharge surplus water run-off to the swales preventing the development of puddled areas and it is expected that reasonable use of the playing area will be possible over the year and within hours after the majority of heavy downpours.

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